Dog Days Kalamazoo hiring dog walker

Dog walker in Portage MI

Dog Days Kalamazoo hiring Dog Walker–backup/occasional position

Mileage compensation @$0.54/mile
50% commission per 30min stop = $7.50, $10.00 or $12.50 (depending on location)

$150. Boot allowance—black public safety style boots only, keep polished
3 short sleeve shirts, 3 long sleeve shirts, 2 pants—keep uniform cleaned and ironed

1.  At least 23 years old, semi-retired encouraged to apply
2.  Must live within Service Area—map at
3.  Have command presence—look sharp, act sharp, be sharp
4.  Pass criminal background check
5.  Experience caring for dogs and cats
6.  Physically capable of maintaining control of dogs in high stimulus environment
7.  Confident driving in all weather conditions with your own reliable vehicle
8.  Available 6am-9pm Mon-Fri, weekends available if interested
9.  Promptly respond to phone calls, texts, or emails and be a good communicator
10.  Able to make decisions and react appropriately without supervision

Personal Appearance:
1. Maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance
2. Dyeing or highlighting of hair is acceptable if is consistent with natural hair color
3. Hair shall not be excessively long nor interfere with vision or hearing
4. Prefer no facial hair unless neatly trimmed
5. No tattoos on head, face, neck, or hands
6. No offensive tattoos—including racial or sexual in nature
7. Only visible piercings allowed are 4 piercings per ear and/or 2 nose piercings
8. No industrial piercings, gauging, or large hoop rings that could present a safety issue

Additional Notes
You will be an Employee of Dog Days Kalamazoo (Dog Days LLC).  Your primary duties will be midday dog walking (11am-3pm) and helping with vacation pet sitting. This is a backup/occasional position. There could be the opportunity for regular part-time hours depending on the amount of new midday dog walking clients added to the schedule. This varies and I have no control over when people contact me.

If interested please click CONTACT and email through the website

OR directly email me at