Hiring Dog Days Kalamazoo versus boarding

Advantages of hiring Dog Days Kalamazoo instead of boarding your dog

This is our dog Rupert the pit bull mix.  People tend to ask me, “What do you do with Rupert when you go out of town?”  Well, we don’t go out of town that often since there is plenty to do here in the Kalamazoo area.  But, when we do, my wife Lisa and I are fortunate to have trusted friends take care of him at our house.  Like most of you, I don’t want to board my dog.  That’s why there’s DOG DAYS Kalamazoo available to watch your dog or cat while you’re away.  While I do not stay overnight at your house, I make up to 3 trips per day for 30 minutes each visit.  These stops are early AM, afternoon, and at night. Hiring Dog Days Kalamazoo versus boarding has these five advantages:

1.  Less stress, since your dog or cat gets to be in its own environment at home.
2.  No worries about catching something from other pets in a boarding facility.
3.  Someone to check on your house, bring in the mail/paper, and make sure everything is in order.
4.  You can leave for your trip and not have to be concerned with dropping off your pet.
5.  Detailed reports via email or text after each visit to give you that “peace of mind” that all’s well.

So, when you are wondering “what do I do with my pet when I want to go on vacation?” Remember that DOG DAYS Kalamazoo is here to serve you! Please make sure to call or email as soon as you know you’re going out of town.  This way we can guarantee we have room in our schedule to accommodate you.  Generally, we need at least three weeks lead time with holidays and two weeks otherwise.  Thanks!

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