Looking for a professional Kalamazoo pet sitter for Spring Break?

Spring Break pet sitting, dog walking

Spring officially starts next Friday, March 20th.  Have you made your plans for a weekend trip or weeklong Spring Break getaway?  What’s the best option for your cats or dogs?  They probably won’t be very happy locked in a boarding facility.  Let them stay home and schedule a professional pet care company like DOG DAYS Kalamazoo.  We come to you–up to three pet sitting or dog walking visits per day.  In certain circumstances we can stay the night (limited availability).  Not only do we check on your furry friends for 30 minutes each visit, we bring in the mail & newspaper, set out the garbage & recycling, and make sure there’s no issues like leaking pipes or a furnace that’s not working.  Recently, I did have a client with a water heater that was leaking and I was fortunate to catch it in time before it became a big issue.  I turned off the gas and water supply to the tank.  Otherwise, they would have come home to a flooded basement!  They were quite appreciate of me noticing the leak and had to replace a valve on the water heater.

A typical vacation pet sitting or dog walking day with three stops would be scheduled like this:

Visit 1:  7:00am – 7:30am

Visit 2:  3:00pm – 3:30pm

Visit 3:  9:30pm – 10:00pm

For instance if you have dogs, I take them for a walk each visit or go outside while they take care of business.  Even if you have a fenced yard, I NEVER just stay inside while they’re out–I’m always there with them.  I then feed them according to their eating schedule, spend the remaining time playing with them, and attending to any house related tasks that need to be completed.  I do not have any other employees and am the only person who will be in your home.  This way, your cats or dogs become accustomed to me and everything is routine.

I am thankful to have clients who take the time to write me nice emails and reviews.  Please see what they have to say about me under the “Testimonials” page.  There are also over 10 Facebook reviews.  I already have most of March filled in and some of April with dog walking and pet sitting stops.  Please give me a call or email so we can get you on the calendar in time for your Spring Break trip!

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