Should I hire a pet sitting business or an individual?

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You need to hire a dog walker or pet sitter in the Kalamazoo area, but not sure where to look?  Most people will start with a search engine like Google and type in “Kalamazoo dog walkers” or “Pet sitters in Kalamazoo” and see who shows up.  There are also sites such as and  There you will find an overwhelming number of both individuals and businesses who are members or have ads.  So, who do you contact?  A business? An individual?

Most legitimate dog walking and pet sitting business such as Dog Days Kalamazoo should be three things:




Great, but what do these terms even mean?

As a LICENSED business, Dog Days Kalamazoo is a LLC–a Limited Liability Company and recognized by the State of Michigan.

As an INSURED business, Dog Days Kalamazoo is covered by State Farm Insurance for any job related injuries or damage.  This includes accidental injury to animals, damage to buildings, outdoor property, water damage, equipment breakdown, and glass expenses.

As a BONDED business, Dog Days Kalamazoo has a financial guarantee that Michael Machota will satisfactorily fulfill contracted work for clients and I am protected against employee dishonesty and theft.

Do lower priced individuals provide this type of coverage? NO, they do not.

In the Kalamazoo area, there are a few different dog walking and pet sitting businesses to choose from including Dog Days Kalamazoo.  However, the number of individuals wanting to do the same work is countless.  The question is do you want a professional business who does pet care full-time in your home OR do you want a random individual who just has a Craigslist ad screaming about LOW prices?

While individuals might be able to undercut our rates because they do not have the same expenses nor have to claim mileage at tax time, the question remains–do you want the person with the cheapest price in your home with your pets?  No, you want the person who you can TRUST.  Remember that anyone can be cheap, but few can be great.  Hiring a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded business gives you peace of mind.

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