I don’t sell dog walking. I don’t sell pet sitting. I sell trust.

When I first meet people, I tell them:  I don’t sell dog walking. I don’t sell pet sitting. I sell trust.

When you do a Google search to find a Kalamazoo dog walker or pet sitter for your dog or cat, ask yourself :

“Is this someone I feel comfortable giving the key to my home?”

There’s more to professional pet care than who is charging the lowest rate.  The few dog walking and pet sitting companies in Kalamazoo, such as myself, all have comparable rates–within a few dollars of each other.  Please make sure you spend the time to do adequate research about the person or company.  I have as much information as possible here about me–my first AND last name, my background, family, pets, customer’s pets and their testimonials about me.  I have links at the top of each page to my following four sites:





You can learn everything about me back to my days in college at Loyola University Chicago and Indiana University South Bend. I make it a point to be completely transparent.  I want you to have the confidence knowing I’m a professional doing this full-time and not as a side project or part-time like some of my competitors.  I am a Limited Liability Company (LLC)Bonded and Insured.  I do not have other employees so you know I will be on each and every site.  Please check out what my customers have to say about me under the “Testimonials” page here on my website, reviews on Yelp or Facebook reviews.  I hope to work with you and your family in the future!

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