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One of the advantages to hiring me for pet sitting is that I’m diligent in checking the house mechanicals & basement. I recently noticed a client’s water heater was leaking and quickly shut it down. This included turning the water heater completely off as well as cutting the gas supply to it. Here’s an excerpt of the customer’s email to me:

“Hi Mike, Thank you so much for being alert to my malfunctioning water heater. I guess I never thought about how old it might be–installed when the house was built 20 years ago. I have to replace two things, one of which you mentioned (the overflow valve). Thank you for being alert.”

Remember that not all pet sitters and dog walkers are alike.  For some it is just a side project or a hobby.  For me this is my full-time profession.  I treat your pets AND your home as if they were my own.  This means you have nothing to worry about while you’re gone.  Not only will your dogs or cats have less stress staying home instead of being boarded, you have me physically checking on the house and catching problems like this water leak before it became a BIG issue!

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Water leaking from T&P valve of tank

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